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To whom it may concern:
Dr. Steuerwald has helped me to be able to do my job with more energy and less pain. I had severe low back pain at the beginning of the school year, and I wondered how I would be able to stand on my feet, teach all day, then go home, grade papers and do compute work and housework at night or on weekends. As a busy mother, I had a hard time keeping up with my kids’ schedules plus the demands of teaching 156 students. I was lucky to get 5 good hours of sleep a night.

After being under the doctor’s care since August of 2012, I have benefitted greatly,. The pain has diminished from a 9 to a 2 or 3, and I now have some completely pain-free days. I find I have more energy and stamina, and I am much more mentally focused and have improved mood due to not being in constant pain. I also sleep through the night or only awaken once which has also helped me tremendously.

Dr. Steuerwald is very willing to work with teachers’ schedules and understands if patients can’t come in until the late afternoon. I highly recommend him as a chiropractor.

Nancy S.

There are no other alternatives for a healthier happier life. Chiropractic is a natural safe way to let the body heal. It is really a gift from our loving heavenly Father.

Pam P.

I have been suffering from Osteoarthritis in my left knee for a long time! It is due to an operation I had to have while serving in the US Airforce. I have had to deal with great pain most of my adult life. It has gotten worse as I have gotten older. I have been trying to walk my 4 year old German Shepherd everyday to keep my health up! I slipped and bent my knee a little to far and it swelled up like a melon. My VA Doctors told me to elevate and stay off of it, and I had to lose weight. They also sent me to get a knee brace which made it worse and forced me to walk with a cane.

I have been going to Dr. Steuerwald for about 2 years for back pain. He saw the pain I was in and we started talking about a Green Laser Treatment that he has had good results with other patients. I told him I was game. I got 3 treatments and my knee almost looked normal. Swelling was gone, paid was gone, felt great! I not only was walking again, but doing it twice a day. I am so grateful to have a Dr. that is compassionate and intelligent enough to help me with the pain I was in, unlike the VA. I hope our relationship continues for a long time.

Jack L.

I am 62 years old. Since my 20’s I have lived with a “Vice-Grip” around my neck. I couldn’t walk very far because my left leg, at my groin area would catch. Later I learned that the ball of my hip would pop out and I would have to stop and pop it back in.

Since I started seeing Dr. S I am now able to walk a mile to a mile and a half without any pain. My life has completely changed because of the help. I praise god for bring him into my life, it’s been a complete change.

Mary L.
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