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Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

________1.  Symptoms: Regardless of the reason you came to our office, it is important to understand the difference between symptoms and their cause.  As your spine is corrected you will have good days and bad days.  Don’t get caught up in this roller coaster; it is normal.  You will be happiest and get the best results if you understand that this is a process designed to get you functioning at your peak level and get you on the road to wellness.  This takes time and is a lifelong process. Stay focused on this outcome so you are pleased with your results and enjoy the journey.

________2.  Appointments: A certain number of adjustments in a given time period is necessary to get the best results from your care and create wellness in your life.  While we can’t predict the exact number of adjustments you will need, we do know that consistency creates the best results.  Therefore it is absolutely necessary that you keep your appointments.  If you need to change an appointment, please call in advance to reschedule it within 24 hours so you stay on target for wellness.  It is your responsibility to get here. Missed appointments are an inconvenience not only for us, but also for other patients who may have wanted your appointment time. In the future missed appointments will be handled as followed:

1st Missed appointment- We understand anyone can forget once.

2nd Missed appointment- We are not very happy, a gift (a c.d., dvd, Best Buy gift certificate etc.) is required to appease us.

3rd Missed appointment- Our Full standard fee will appy -billed to you NOT your insurance company

4th Missed appointment- We will not schedule any more appointments for you, your balance will need to be settled at that time.

We will do all we can to accommodate you, please do the same for us.

________3.  Daily Visit Procedure: Each time you arrive for your adjustment, sign in and have a seat in the seats in front of the adjusting table. If you have been shown how to operate the spinalator you may begin your therapy.  Our open environment allows you to receive your care quickly and efficiently with minimal waiting.  Should you feel the need for a private adjustment or consultation, inform our staff and we will gladly accommodate you, at no extra charge of course.

________4.  Dynamic Examinations: During your Initial Intensive Care you will receive several Dynamic Examinations to monitor your level of spinal correction.  On this visit you will fill out an Update Form and be taken to the Exam Room.  All the findings from your initial visit will be retested.  Plan on spending approximately 30 extra minutes on these days.  There is an additional fee for this visit unless you are on a Prepayment Plan that is all inclusive.  Immediately following your Dynamic Examination or your next scheduled visit, the doctor will sit down with you to discuss your results.  At the end of your Corrective Adjustment Plan you will receive recommendations for a Wellness Adjustment Plan to help you stay as healthy as possible.

________5.  Human Potential Program (HPP): This is the single most important visit we provide because it is where you’ll learn how to get the best results from Chiropractic.  It is our policy that you attend one HPP within the first 2 weeks of care.  We recommend that you bring your spouse, a family member, or friend with you so you can create a support group that understands what you’re going through and keep you focused on your desired results.  Also, if you know anyone else with a health problem, or who is committed to a wellness lifestyle, our HPP would be a great way to introduce them to our office and chiropractic without any obligation or financial commitment.  The fee for your orientation is included in your exam fees.  It is held on Wednesday evenings at 7:00.

________6.  Exercise: Many people try to correct their spine with exercise.  Research shows that people who exercise on an injured spine, that has healed improperly, will tend to experience more rapid deterioration of their spinal bones, discs, and nerves.  However, when you exercise in conjunction with your Chiropractic adjustments, you will find that your spine will improve more quickly and your athletic performance will be dramatically enhanced. We recommend that you do some type of aerobic exercise, such as walking, at least once a day.

________7.  Nutrition: Good nutrition is important to maximize your health and healing capacities.  A diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables will fulfill your nutritional needs on a daily basis.  For more detailed information on nutrition, we highly recommend that you shop and consult with Nature’s Garden, located at 620 and I-35.

________8.  Results: We are very results-oriented, however many factors that we have no control over may affect how quickly you respond to your care.  These include your age, occupation, how long you have had your vertebral subluxations, and how many subluxations are present in your spine.  Regardless of these circumstances, your body has an incredible ability to heal itself.  The recommendations we make will consider these factors along with the current condition of your spine.  We will do all we can to get you to Wellness Care as quickly as possible.

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