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My Philosophy

While gathering the information for this web site, I kept avoiding this page. I was afraid that I couldn’t accurately convey my philosophy on chiropractic and how I choose to practice it in a concise manner. After several attempts I feel I’ve done myself justice. The following points are what I would want anyone to know about chiropractic. I even think I got the concise part down.

1)    At all times nervous energy is flowing to and from all seventy trillion cells in an effort to coordinate and control function.

2)  When this happens with no interference that is what we call health.

3)  Nervous energy can be interfered with at the level of the spine. This is called a vertebral subluxation.

4)  Subluxations can be present for years without causing a symptom.

5)  The earliest subluxations are caused as a result of the birthing process.

6)  You and your loved ones should be checked for subluxations.

7)  Chiropractors detect and correct subluxations.

8)  An optimal spine equals optimal health.

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