Brain Changes in Men After Chiropractic

A study performed in 2011 revealed the impact of one single chiropractic adjustment can have on the tone of the nervous system. Published in Alternative Therapies Health Medicine (Ogura 2011) , this study was done by 8 PhD’s and 1 Chiropractor. They used a PET scan as a powerful neuro-imaging technique to measure neuronal activity in the brain. They were able to take a radioactive analogue of glucose as a marker to measure brain glucose consumption as it would indicate brain metabolic activity post-adjustment. Their findings were ASTONISHING! 

The study clearly demonstrated that the sympathetic tone of the nervous system was inhibited, salivary amylase was decreased (indicating a decrease in fight/flight physiology), regional brain metabolic changes occurred, and muscle tone and pain intensity decreased following ONE single chiropractic adjustment.

Let me tell you what that means …..

Studies dating back to the Windsor autopsies in 1921 up until now have claimed that spinal integrity and health will dictate nervous system function….THIS PROVES THAT !

The mechanism behind this study would not indicate a hard bone occluding an inter-vertebral foramen. Rather, it backs the plausibility that subluxation (because of decreased segmental movement) creates abnormal proprioception into the brain (specifically the hypothalamus) leading to increased sympathetic tone.


I would argue this is what the founder of Chiropractic, DD Palmer, referred to when he said health was all about the TONE and Chiropractors affect TONE when we adjust!